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Christian Drug Rehab In Houston, Austin, & College Station Texas

Drug & alcohol abuse can take away the very things that make you want to live. Christ focused recovery can be the difference in lasting & meaningful change that leads to a clean life. Rehab helps patients not only overcome the physical symptoms of their illness, but a good program will also give those who struggle the tools they need to resist future temptations. For Christians who struggle with substance abuse, finding a Christian oriented treatment program can be an excellent choice. These treatment programs incorporate many central Christian beliefs into their treatment and can help patients rely on their faith for strength and recovery.

Christian treatment for alcohol and substance abuse

There are a number of different therapies and treatment options within the Christian paradigm. Most treatments will have a more holistic nature than some other, more traditional therapies. This is because holistic treatments often focus on treating the entire person, rather than just their addiction, and that is exactly what a Christian based therapy will focus on.

In a Christian centered therapy, patients will be encouraged to turn to Christ both to help them overcome the physical part of their addiction and as a form of assistance when they find themselves facing temptations after treatment is done. It is common for spiritual counseling to a significant portion of the treatment as counselors work to help patients uncover particular issues that might be influencing their substance abuse problems, such as family or work troubles. Patients will be encouraged to grow spiritually. Programs may also incorporate other aspects of holistic treatments, such as alternate therapies, vocational counseling, job assistance, and relapse prevention.

There are typically two types of Christian rehab: inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient treatment is designed for patients who struggle with a deep illness and must be in a more structured environment to help them prepare for the outside world. An outpatient program, on the other hand, will be better for those who do not need the constant supervision and scheduling, but does need regular support and help in fighting the tendency to abuse substances. This type of therapy also works well for those who have commitments that are not easily postponed, such as work or family.

Christian treatment centers in Texas

Our retreat offers help with both alcohol and drug abuse problems. They have a wide range of services, including short-term hospitalization, inpatient and outpatient programs, as well as children and adolescent programs. They also provide help with mental health problems and similar co-occurring problems.

Patients and their loved ones may wonder which direction they should turn in looking for the perfect treatment option for their loved ones. Those interested in learning more about their options should contact CrossCentral for more information about different treatments.

Alcohol and substance abuse in Christianity

In Christianity, humans are viewed as creation that has fallen short of what God created them for, in other words, they sin. This sin touches all people, regardless of walks of life. Christianity offers the opportunity at redemption through Christ. This belief in redemption and in the saving work of Christ can be the focus of a quality Christian rehab.

Texas, despite being considered one of the most religious states in the union, has an estimated 137,000 people who admitted to binge drinking in the past month on a recent survey, 11,000 who admitted to being dependent upon illicit drugs, and 19,000 who qualified as being dependent upon alcohol. These numbers indicated that there is a significant portion of the population who will likely need rehab to live full and healthy lives. Christian-based therapy can help these patients who believe in Christ find the treatment they need while helping them to rely upon God.

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